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Updates to GPS Utility (Timestamp Features)

I decided to make some pretty solid changes to TrackerCat since my last post.  I wasn’t satisfied with it only converting GPX-to-KML. The new changes include the following:

  • Ability to recursively export all GPXs from a specified path (can be a mounted device image).
  • Extract and write all trackpoint timestamps to CSV  including archived files.  Optionally, you can choose to export Active Log names and times to its own CSV. While the latter isn’t as important to export as trackpoint times, it may still be useful to some.
  • Display a file’s metadata time tag during the timestamp dump. This is critical if the GPX file is the Current.gpx (akin to a last access, or rather, last power-on for some devices). These are not written to CSV as their importance differs depending on file and scenario.

To reduce spam, I’ll try to keep minor official updates to Twitter instead of posting here in the future . Hope the updates are useful!


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